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designer clothing that fits:
shop directly from hundreds of brands 
with one size chart 

choosing between what is easy and what is right

Shopping without trying on can be tough, we know that. Here is what we did to make it easy:

like buying made - to - order

because we use your measurements for the order, it feels like buying a custom suit or dress, but risk-free because of our flexible return policy including alterations

see product samples

follow the events page in the app to stay in the know on when and where you can see product samples from new collections before placing a pre-order

say hello 👋 

We are always happy to read emails that you send to We don’t mind responding to similar questions, but sometimes looking at our FAQ page saves you the time of writing us an email. 

love letters 💌 👇

Love letters? We love writing love letters to our smart shoppers that we admire so much. We hate doing this without good reason. If you like, we’d love to send you something good. Which letter do you prefer, e-mail or actual paper letter?

let's get social 📱👻

Well, most of the time we hang out on social media or in our chat. Follow us to keep up with the latest news and head to the app to chat with us. See you there!


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